The following items have been fixed in this release (v1.0.2.0)

Fixed - Parts return from catalogue where not matching with the parts in the job card after the following steps:

  • Create a Quote in QLO.
  • Add parts to the Quote with descriptions  – e.g.   from the service profile
  • Open catalogue to select parts
  • Select parts and return Quoted parts to  Quote job card.
  • Generate new job from quote
  • Open catalogue to retrieve Parts
  • Load saved basket – Order Parts   

Fixed - MOT due date not appearing on Invoice Print

Fixed - Invoice, search button on right panel not functioning correctly

Fixed - When a credit note is printed - the title of the document is ‘Invoice’ 

Fixed - Invoice Action Menu – Wrong items appearing, for invoice status (e.g. ‘Credit and Reissue’ was appearing when a credit note was selected). 

Fixed - Bank Report – Data selection, report completely wrong! 

Fixed - Diary Day View – Clicking on jobs not opening Job Card.

Fixed - ‘Append to Job’ From the Quote screen, Action menu

Fixed - The Selection info in the top left corner to say ‘CASH ACCOUNT’ and ‘CASH VEHICLE’ if a job is open and no selection has been made

Fixed - Crash after adding parts to invoice from parts picker

Fixed - Part picker not opening when clicking on the ‘looking glass’ icon on an invoice part line