• GSOnestop Installer: Has been updated and improved  
  • The GS Installation path can now be specified
  • The Installer now checks if the OS is supported
  • The installer now checks if the target drive has at least the required minimum disk space,
  • The installer now checks the registry to determine if GS is already installed as opposed to checking the file system
  • The Installer now requires administrator permissions to run, MySQL is installed to the same drive as GS, and the my.ini file is updated to reflect the correct path.
  • And finally the Terms and Conditions text has been altered to update the recommended system configuration
  1. You will need to manually install the blank Database, (GSOne & GSOneDemo)
  2. The MySQL root password will still need to be set via an admin command prompt C:\MySQLGarageSystem\MySQL\bin\mysqladmin -u root password root1103