Bugs don’t deliver

  • Reports: Monthly Turnover Report Erroring, now fixed
  • Job Cards: Always Calculate Trade & RRP was being applied to Non TPA Parts, even if (Manually Control Trade and RRP) was selected in System Setup, now fixed
  • Job Cards: In previous version of GS when users raised a quote then decide to turn it into a job card the status of the job card automatically turns  to ‘on site, now fixed
  • Finders: We have replaced the status called (Pur Credit Note) with (Completed Credit) on the Purchase Finders
  • Finders: We now populate the payers (FullName) in the invoice finder for Credit Notes
  • Reports: We now only allow 32 Generic Description containing the word “Oil” (entered directly on to the invoice) to be listed under Oils in the Invoice List Report
  • Reports: We have introduced a Date Paid filter to the Supplier Payment Report, so garages can choose between display payment either by Date Raised & Date Paid
  • Promotions: Printed labels not inheriting tittles from customer contact table, now fixed